Creativity: The ability to come up with original and innovative ideas and solutions, to adopt points of view outside the usual parameters.
thinks independently
has the courage to come up with unusual solutions
believes in his/her abilities
sees connections between seemingly unconnected aspects
looks beyond obvious solutions
offers suggestions for original products, methods, approaches
experiments with new methods and opportunities
looks for better alternatives
recognizes other people`s ideas for what they are worth
is able to abandon existing structures and methods
restructures data and ideas in order to achieve innovative or alternative approaches
talks in terms of possibilities instead of problems
is flexible in his/her thinking and has many ideas
comes up with new ideas that seem (yet) impossible to others
is sometimes hard to follow because of his/her swift and unusual associations
is able to connect concepts and views from different disciplines
comes up with ideas out of the box
comes up with unconventional solutions and ideas
Creativity can be easily developed if the candidate has a more than average score (7,8,9) on the drive Independent thinking & acting and a less than average score (1,2,3) on the drives Conformity and Order & structure.
Which creative ideas did you come up with recently? Did those ideas turn out to be effective and attainable? Why?
Of which creative achievement from recent times are you most proud? Why are you proud of this particular achievement?
Do you think of yourself as a creative person? How does your creativity show? Could you give a few recent examples?
How do you make sure that you stand out from other people? Could you give a few recent examples?
Did you ever come up with a unique solution for a customer’s problem that nobody else had thought about? Could you give an example?
If you are looking for a new solution to a problem, remember there are many ways to solve a problem. Do not automatically start implementing the first solution you think of.
Dare to think outside the box.
Rely on yourself when coming up with ideas that are less obvious.
Analyze other people’s creative ideas.
Try and place yourself in someone else’s shoes: how would someone with a different background solve this problem?
Provide your candidate with a safe environment in which it is all right to ‘fail’. Encourage him to experiment and play with new ideas and concepts and to continue this creative process.
Consider a certain issue or problem with your candidate by brainstorming. Encourage him to come up with wild ideas.
Consider a certain problem with your candidate by brainstorming and try to come up with at least five different solutions.
Link your candidate to a colleague who is very much oriented on innovation; let them discuss each other’s ideas. Discuss his experiences afterwards.
Encourage your candidate to ask others for 360º feedback regarding his creativity. What are his strengths and what could be improved? Discuss the results with the candidate.
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