Integrity: Adherence to the standards, values and rules of conduct associated with one’s position and the culture in which one operates. Being incorruptible.
passes on information consistently and honestly (the same story for everyone)
treats everybody equally, respectfully and without discrimination
will not abuse his/her power or advance knowledge
guards sensitive information
adheres to commitments
will only pass on information to those who are entitled to it
takes responsibility for his/her actions
is transparent in his/her actions
informs internal and external clients honestly about potential risks and disadvantages
directs others towards behavior based on accepted social and ethical codes
displays openness if it is in the interest of others within the organization
demonstrates criticism when colleagues talk behind each other`s back
shows exemplary behavior in terms of ethics, standards and values
exerts power carefully
demonstrates what kind of (incorruptible) behavior is expected
makes sure that colleagues displaying unethical behavior are corrected
adheres to appointments at organizational or departmental level
Integrity has no relation with TMA Drives.
Have you ever been put under pressure in order to act against your feelings? What did you do? What did it do to you afterwards?
Have you ever had the feeling that you brushed someone off?
Could you give an example of a recent situation in which your integrity caused a personal problem? What was the situation exactly? What were your considerations? What did you do eventually?
Could you give an example of a situation in which you were tempted to act against your integrity? What did you do and why? How did it turn out?
Has it happened to you recently that you could not meet an appointment? Can you explain the reason for this? What did you do in order to mend the situation?
Make sure you take responsibility for your behavior.
Make sure your words, body language, and meaning are consistent.
Express clearly what you mean.
Be clear about potential ulterior motives.
Treat other people’s information confidentially.
Explore boundaries with the candidate to see what he thinks is still allowed and what is not.
Discuss the effects of the less integer behavior on the people surrounding the candidate and ask him to reflect.
Practise a situation in which the candidate’s integrity is tested. Do not make it easy for him. Discuss afterwards what he thought, felt, did, and why.
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