Self-Development: The ability to gain insight in one’s identity, values, strengths and weaknesses, interests and ambitions and to take action in order to enhance one’s competencies where and when possible.
looks actively for personal feedback in order to gain from it
evaluates his/her own approach regularly, focuses on change and improvements
demonstrates to have a realistic view on his/her own strengths and weaknesses
visibly devotes time and energy to his/her development
is committed to broaden his/her views
knows his/her strengths and weaknesses
is involved in activities such as training in order to develop him/herself
searches actively for ways to develop him/herself
learns from mistakes
involves others in his/her learning process; asks for ways to further develop him/herself
asks further questions for improvement when given feedback
is prepared to change on account of critical feedback
asks others for information about his/her own performance
creates opportunities for other people`s personal development by providing appropriate means
plans budgets and programs for personal development within the organization
shows clear appreciation for other people`s development
advocates the importance of personal development
Self-development has no relation with TMA Drives.
Where do you want to be in three years? What are you going to do in order to arrive there?
Are you driven to reach your goals? How does that show? Could you give a few concrete examples?
What have you done in order to develop yourself into your current position?
Are you critical with regards to your own achievements? Could you give a few examples to illustrate this?
Ask people around you for 360º feedback.
Request TMA Talent Assessment.
Write a personal development plan.
Use your performance and evaluation interviews to review your strengths and weaknesses, and your potential to develop.
Encourage your candidate to ask others for 360º feedback regarding his willingness to progress. What are his strengths and what could be improved? Discuss the results with the candidate.
Evaluate with your candidate what the organization’s goals are and how these influence his personal development. Discuss whether your candidate can learn or develop certain elements that could help attaining these goals.
In performance interviews discuss your candidate’s wishes and possibilities for the future: in what area does he want to develop? Ask him to write a personal development plan with SMART objectives. Have progress interviews with his regularly (e.g. every three months).
Create an open learning environment in which mistakes are allowed.
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