Social Awareness: Being aware of relevant social, political and professional trends and developments and using this information for the organization’s benefit.
disposes over decent general knowledge
reads up on relevant literature
possesses broad professional knowledge of his/her organization or expertise
is knowledgeable on a wide range of topics
is well informed about recent developments that are relevant to his/her expertise
translates relevant developments into actions and proposals to enhance his/her work
makes an effort to learn about the competition`s approach in order to come up with proposals for his/her own services
goes regularly to expert or position related meetings
offers proposals in team meetings based on his/her knowledge of developments and trends that are relevant to the organization
actively follows social developments that are relevant to the organization and its field of work
actively participates in networks in order to gain knowledge of trends, policies, future developments that are relevant to the organization
offers proposals for improvement based on his/her knowledge of the market and its relevant developments
is able to utilize future developments
positions the organization in its proper context
maintains contacts with decision makers and those who influence the organization`s procedure and continuity
analyzes social developments and bases management proposals on these analyses that influence the course of the organization
demonstrates knowledge and awareness of the organization`s position within the network of competitors and stakeholders
distinguishes the importance of cooperation; is well informed about fusions and take-overs within other organizations and actively seeks to adapt to new facilities
is aware of international developments and maintains contacts at this level in order to enhance the organization`s position
Social Awareness can be easily developed if the candidate has a more than average score (7,8,9) on the drive Variety.
Which magazines and newspapers have you read recently? Which direct influence do events have on your surroundings?
How did you stay informed with regards to developments in your profession over the last year?
Which social developments of the last years have had an impact on your work?
Which social developments in the near future could have an impact on your work?
What is the relationship between economic, social and political developments and your daily work? Could you give an example?
Extend your network, read papers, reflect on the world around you.
Be aware of the impact the people around you have on your way of thinking.
Try and visualize the surroundings’ influence on your organization for the years to come.
Take sufficient time to think.
Involve yourself in new developments and think how your organization can profit from them.
Advice your candidate to take the time to see what is going on outside his own world.
Encourage your candidate to ask a customer what goes on in his organization and what that means to him.
Give the candidate an assignment to visit an important customer and find out what developments are important to him, and then ask him to write an article about the opportunities this may bring to his own organization.
Ask the candidate to interview people with a good sense for trends and developments and to provide feedback on his findings.
Ask your candidate about the people with whom he communicates regularly: do they require different approaches? Does he always take that approach? What would happen if he did not?
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