Workmanship: Independently carrying out one's work in accordance with professional standards of one's profession. Developing oneself in one's professional field. Having a thorough knowledge of one's field.
has a thorough knowledge of his field
does his job professionally
maintains and improves his own knowledge and skills
does his job as a consummate professional
handles tools and materials with care
keeps to rules and procedures. For example in respect of safety
works efficiently, carefully and cleanly
works according to `the book`
knows what to do and how to do it
knows the causes and solutions to commonly occurring problems
shows interest in his professional field. Keeps his professional knowledge up-to-date on all possible ways
results attest to skills
shows what takes priority and where necessary, alters the work order
notices work to be done and takes initiatives to get it done
shares knowledge, ideas and insights with others
is alert to new trends and developments in his field and/or issues that relate to it and keeps his knowledge about it up-to-date
learn from others about matters in his field and applies new methods and techniques within his own work
exudes professional adeptness, solves difficult technical problems or actively seeks solutions
follows subject-related studies, courses, training courses etcetera
Workmanship has no relation with TMA Drives.
What changes in your field in recent years have strongly influenced your work
What do you think is the most important field in your subject area? Why? Can you give an example What are you doing to keep your knowledge about your field active and up to date? What was the most recent thing you learned?
What have you done recently to improve your own work?
Be precise.
Make sure you know what you are talking about (in terms of know-how, et cetera).
Read relevant literature.
Set priorities and make time schedules.
Regularly check how often and how well you monitor the progress in your work.
Allow your candidate to investigate and document the key activities in his field and what the consequences are if these are not carried out correctly.
Make sure the candidate asks a colleague to give him feedback on the way he does his work, so that this colleague can let him know when he does something really well or if there's anything that he can improve.
Find out together with your candidate whether there is a pattern is in the professional mistakes he makes.
Make sure your candidate works together with someone who works in the same field. Possibly have his report on what he has learned.
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