Written Expression: The ability to express ideas and views clearly to others in writing.
is proficient in the English language and grammar
is able to structure an argument
has an adequate vocabulary
writes flawlessly according to proper syntax
structures notes and clearly organizes his/her writing
avoids long-winded sentences; uses sentences that are easy to read
is able to summarize a view or message clearly
has an eye for a layout and a composition that enhance clarity
presents complex issues in simple language that everybody understands
structures a complicated story in logical steps
provides sufficient, not too much, instruction and information
structures an argument in way that conclusions follow logically
adjusts his/her use of language to the audience
connects various complex issues in order to help the reader see their coherence
is able to assess which information is relevant
provides the right amount of information to make an issue clear to the reader
is able to adopt different styles and knows which one is suitable for a certain audience
presents complex issues in clear key words
Written expression has no relation with TMA Drives.
What has been the most difficult piece you ever had to write? What was so difficult about writing it?
Which aspects of the English language do you find difficult? Could you give an example?
What concrete writing experience do you have? What kinds of work have you written and for which audiences?
Could you rewrite the following sentence in proper English: “Paul McCartney is an artist born in the year 1942 with which he has won several prizes”.
Use the spelling and grammar check on your pc.
Investigate your readers’ interests.
Use aids such as websites that focus on spelling and use of language.
Write clearly, use examples, and avoid long sentences.
Ask for directed feedback on your writing.
Encourage your candidate to read various texts and to comment on their strengths and weaknesses.
If your candidate tends to be long-winded, ask him to write down a summary of his own text and discuss this summary.
Encourage your candidate to ask others for 360º feedback regarding his written communication skills. What are his strengths and what could be improved? Discuss the results with the candidate.
Review a report, a note or a letter your candidate has written and provide feedback on the aspects mentioned in the examples.
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